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Nov 8/10 Autumn Cafe With Him... Feat.Yamato
Dec 1/10  A Visit  Feat Yamato ,Ken

Feb 4/11 Of Hat and a Bag Feat.Ash
Feb 6/11 Unexpected Visit Feat.Yamato

Mar 19 /11 A Break with Friends Feat.Miyako, Ken

[Open Log]Moving day

Synopsis: Hikari is moving and the Chosens come to help. But will all of them show up?

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HELP needed
Your Warmth
Hi everyone, Hikari chan is moving back to her mom's place this coming weekend,
and I was wondering if anyone else would be available to help us out.
Taichi, you don't get a choice. I expect you here.

Please let me know.
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Private to 01 Cast:Odaiba Memorial Day
Your Warmth

Gokigenyou(Good day, spoken in rather feminen way) everyone.
Mentioning the passing of current of time always makes me feel old, but hey, it's once again, August. 1st.

Piyomon is sleeping beside me after helping us pack entire day.
I was boxing the albums and wrapping the utensils and dishes into the newspapers so they won't break, lost in various thought.

To be honest, somewhat of saddening thoughts.
But then, as the clock struck twelve, Piyomon pulled onto my pajama pants, and said,
"Please take good care of me, Sora, for another year." with her eyes smiling.

Remember that sheer amazement and somewhat of a terror that we felt on the day we saw summer snowfall?
While some of the memories have blurred,
I still chuckle remembering how uneasy I felt after meeting Piyomon for the first time.
I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get along with someone so needy. (Gomenne, Piyomon)
But here we are! Twelve years and still strong!

It's hard to believe that it's already been that long.
Perhaps in another twelve years to come, I'll be reminescencing with my children, and possibly Piyomon's childeren too?

When the morning comes, I plan to go to the shrine with Piyomon, Hikari chan and Tailmon, then perhaps stop by at a park and have a cold ice cream.
I hope she's upto the idea. It's pretty spontaneous for me.

Though it might be a bit much to ask, It would be the most pleasant if I could run into some of you.

With love,


Your Warmth

How have you been and how are your summer so far?
I've been busy volunteering at summer camps with kids.
After all these years my mother's instruction on sun screen
still isn't paying off, and I've got sun burns all over.
But I'm pretty happy with the tan,
more so because I got it from playing soccer with kids out doors.
(Though, it would be nicer if I could hit the beach like some of my co-workers.
I'd be thrilled if I could afford a trip to Hawaii.....)

Wishful thinking aside, camps have been hectic, and the end of the days I'm wiped out.
But it all evens out with thankful faces of parents and content faces of kids I've worked with.
I've even recieved a few cards to add to my memory box. 

For one of the day camps I've attended recently,
I was granted a wonderful trip to an aquarium with kids.
The last time I went was back when I was in high school.
It really brought back a lot of memories, seeing kids looking at various animals and fishes,
watching them trying to name some. 
I was surprised at lack of my knowledge.
I did read some Q&A books when I was young, so it felt weird forgetting over 90% of what I used to know.

Kids really are amazing, and often lot more smarter than us adults seems to think.
I constantly catch myself babying them, in situations it's uncalled for....
When I catch myself do that, I cannot help but chuckle, since I too, exprienced the frustration as a child whenever adults didn't seem to take me seriously.
Well, now I understand it's not the matter of taking their opinion seriously or not, that people sometimes just lose the point of view, of how they used  see the world when they were child.

Speaking of an aquarium, Fukushima Marine Science Museum aquarium is reopening.
Perhaps I'll go down there for the weekend, maybe with a notepad to jot down some names.
Gotta brush up my marine biology knolwledge to tell the kids some interesting facts or two!

Aside from the camps I've been attending English cram school, to take up my skill set up a notch.
Not once in life I've considered myself book smart, but expriencing difficulty in straight memorization nowadays make me really doubt my ability. ^^;
Not to mention it feels strange to attend cram school now when I haven't been back in my k-12 years?
With TOEFL test right around the corner, I really shouldn't complain too much.
After all, it's all hard work and guts ne?

Anyways, sorry for being so distant.
How have your summer been going?
I'll write again soon.

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New School Program

English always has been great area of focus in Education in Japan for years, with rapid globalization via internet.
However, in actual observation of the kids I work with, I cannot help but question the current Education system...

Couple days ago a PTA meeting was held at school, and the head of PTA as asked to weave English as Second Language program weaved into the school program starting at the grade I teach.
That is, the first grade.

A couple of the kids complained that they've no time to do homework because they have cram school until 7 pm.

For God's sake, they're grade one!
Shouldn't there be time for kids to stop and breathe, and be kids?

While not all of the kids I teach has it tough for them, about half of the class seems to have other extra curricular activities to attend to, like cram schools.

While I believe in early education,
it makes me wonder if it's worth robbing childhood off of the children.

On that note, my school is considering hiring for summer time now, for talented English teachers.
Whether I like it or not, the program will commence anyway.
If you happen to know anyone with strong English skills, or is a native, please contact Iwata at OOX-XXOO-XXXO.


New work.
Your Warmth
First of all, I would like to apologise for lack of contact nowadays everyone.
I got hired at a nearby elementary school, as grade 1 teacher.
I was so shocked when they reached me via email on the first of April.
After all, it is unusual to look for someone when it's just about the start of the semester.
However, it turns out one of the staff had to give premature birth, so I was quickly called in at the school I did my co-op on.
For a moment, I thought it was the April fool's joke, but I was glad I decided to go to the interview anyways.
(Sorry about the super late birthday congratulation Daisuke kun, on that note.)

I felt horrible for giving such a short notice to my prior work, however the manager had been very accepting.
She did hint though, it would be nice if I could find a substitute for them.
I was contacting my friends frantically, to find a new retailer.

The atmosphere at school are quite different from how it had been in my co-op days, and sometimes it sits heavy like chain of steel air, opperessing every adult in the meetings.
However, dispite all that's happening, it's good to see that children are still being children.
I personally feel, instead of becoming tired or being drained from the work, that it recharges me.
Their smiles, and energy, It's like the blooming cherry blossoms.
Each of them are small little petals, but when you look from afar, it colours the city with fresh air of life.
To me, they speak hope.

...Mn, sorry for being too sentimental.
Though, on that note, I would love to go on Hanami, just as Hikari-chan suggested. :)
Any date and time on mind everyone?

Your Warmth
Computer at my house broke through the Earthquake, and the phone line hasn't been restored within the apartment so far.
Thankfully Hikari-chan is safe as most of us, in times like this, I am truly thankful we're well educated public on subject of Earthquake
but I'm still very worried about some of my reletive in Northern region and Yamato and his dad.
Since the phone/cell are down, I tried texting/emailing them both multipul times , but it was no avail-
Taichi, any luck on your end?

It's strange the email is still working after all this mess. (Though it's certainly better than being completely cut off)

Would it be okay to take our family members to Digital world until the safety is confirmed?
I wish I was actively in touch with Gennai san...
Either way, I think we should take some safety measures.

The apartment looked horrible when I returned, but with the warning in place I don't feel compelled to clean it all up.
I'll just act crazy this one time and fly with Birdramon to help with rescue party.
I'll be out with Birdramon all day so text me if you need me.

1min Left
Your Warmth
To the 15th.
I hope everyone had a good Valentines day.
It felt nice to have a quiet day to myself for a change, though much of my co-workers were either excited about the day with a date, or bummed out.
Instead of getting myself a date, as I was contemplating earlier the month, I bought myself a single rose, cake and a candle and shared it with Piyomon. Then, we took a nice long flowery bath, complete with manicure. It's amazing how feminen you can feel with just little bit of colour on your fingertip.
Thanks Mimi, for the tip.<3

It was a nice discovery, learning that this day can be a day of self-love, rather than self-pity or heart-wrenching-nervous-confession-breakdown.

Happy Valentines day everyone, of all romantic status<3

Taichi/Yamato <3 Green-tea chocolate in your mailbox with your crests are from me.
I hope you enjoyed it.

[Log in progress] Of Hat and a Bag
Your Warmth
Who: Sora Takenouchi,Ash
When: Febuary 4th 6pm
Where: Shibuya in front of Hachiko Statue
Summary: The nervous bag exchange! 

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